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20-Apr-2016 21:08

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Sometimes these entries are filled with revealing romps, while other times there is nary a naked moment in sight. Diarist: A 22-year-old college grad, still working in retail because “I picked a Liberal Arts major.” Sunday Night: I got dumped recently. If I saw him at a bar, I would never think I had a shot with someone that tall, blond, and well-built, but online he approaches me. Then he asks if I wanted to have a “discussion” about sex. Of course, this also means I spend most of the day kind of turned on. I give him my usual line about how he could be a serial killer and I need to meet him in a public place first. the kind of guy who, had I seen him at a bar, I would have been too intimidated to flirt with beyond a long glance and maybe a smile. He seems intelligent, funny, and with a streak of dorkiness that puts me at ease fairly quickly.

He just stopped calling and refused to answer my calls, texts, or messages. I rush home from work and log onto IM practically the second I walk through the door, eager to see if he’s pulled the disappearing act yet. He brushes it off, and then starts asking for pictures again. And it isn’t really a spur-of-the-moment thing, either … We sit on my couch for about an hour and a half just talking before anything happens. I’ve never been kissed like that before: long and slow, like the intent isn’t so much to “kiss” as it is to just be touching me. My eyes, my hair, my skin—he’s obsessed with how soft my hands are—all receive praise numerous times. I really want to give him head, but I also want him inside me, and I decide I’d waited long enough. I really want him to pound into me, too, so I’m disappointed when it’s uncomfortable.

Maryland and New Jersey are moving in the same direction.

Just in time for the 2012 elections, same-sex marriage has reemerged onto the political agenda.

This is something that Romney -- a Mormon whose great-grandfather fled to Mexico so he could practice polygamy and who eventually took five wives -- ought to acknowledge. The media had a few days of fun after one of his ex-wives revealed that he had sought an open marriage.

But I never heard any prominent journalist confront him over his statement two weeks earlier that gays and lesbians are unworthy of marriage because marriage is a "sacrament" (a label he repeated three times in the space of a minute).

Marriage is a subject of profound importance, for both individuals and society.

Whether decisions are ultimately made by courts or elected legislatures, the quest by gays and lesbians for legal equality in marriage deserves to be debated with seriousness, even gravity.

His fence-straddling is a political calculation, and an increasingly tiresome one.

All the GOP candidates except Ron Paul support a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Rick Santorum has said he would actually same-sex marriages.

Left to politicians and the media, marriage equality has been sucked into the same vortex of cynicism, soundbites, and triviality as almost every other issue in our national politics.

Marriage is a fundamental civil right, and decisions by courts and legislatures on the matter affect tens of thousands of real human beings and their families. Then he requests that I help him get off since I’ve already taken care of things on my end. I tell him we can meet someplace close to my apartment for a drink, and if we hit it off he can come over …